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Thread: Resizing my choroplast pan

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    Question Resizing my choroplast pan

    Hi all!

    We just made our cage yesterday... but i am not super happy with the fit of the choroplast pan. I used the trace method (layed the flat sheet under the cage and traced the inside)... but it ended up fitting super tight. It goes into the cage and looks fine, but I'd really love to be able to wrap the sides with fleece when I make the liners. It'll look super nice and clean then (you won't be able to see my ragged cutting job ). However, I think it might fit too tight for the fleece to go inbetween the choroplast and the grids...

    If I take the bottom out, and rescore it just a little bit inside of the current spot, will it ruin the structural integrity of the pan? Has anyone else done this successfully? Or should I just try to squeeze the fleece in and/or not wrap it?

    Thanks for any thoughts!

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    Re: Resizing my choroplast pan

    I don't think it will ruin the integrity of the sheet. I recently had to move a full sheet of coroplast from my parent's house to my apartment but it didn't fit in my jeep! I didn't want to roll it up so I scored it in random places just so it would fit in the trunk. I've since properly assembled the coroplast and it's fine! Maybe you can put some clear tape over the previous bends (outside of the cage only), if you notice the walls to be a little bent.

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    Re: Resizing my choroplast pan

    Thanks for the input! I'm going to try in a couple weeks when I buy the uhaul pad and make the fleece liners. I'll try to remember to update in case someone else has the question.

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