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Thread: New guinea pigs introduction

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    New guinea pigs introduction

    I just got two female guinea pigs (one yesterday and one today). I tried to introduce them today and put them in the same cage after rearranging it, but I'm worried about them getting along. The one seems very scared and will not stop squeaking most of the time. The other, bigger one has shown slightly aggressive behavior, but there seems to have been no biting or bloodshed. Is this normal behavior until dominance is established?

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    Re: New guinea pigs introduction

    Here's the bible on guinea pig introductions:

    But if the cage isn't large enough, you may have continual problems with aggression. You need at least eight square feet for two sows, and 10.5 square feet is preferable.

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    Re: New guinea pigs introduction

    Thanks bpatters. I ordered a new cage, but should i just leave them as they are in the meantime. Again, no bloodshed overnight but still a ton of whining from the one and lunging sometimes from the other. THANKS!

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    Re: New guinea pigs introduction

    I got a larger cage that allows two separate houses, eating areas, etc. However, they're staying only in the one section and the smaller one is still whining A LOT. I think it's just really scared and submissive compared to the other. I guess i'll just let it play out?



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