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Thread: Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

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    Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

    Hi everyone!

    I have had my little guy for about two months now, his name is Obbie. (I am still in search of a buddy for him but the process has been slow). Obbie has always been shy but when picked up he was never aggressive, just very calm. I have noticed a new behavior that is worrying me a bit. I sat down next to his cage like I normally do and feed him. I noticed he started teeth chattering at me, even though my hand wasnt near the entrance or in the cage. The other day he also nipped me too, not a painful bite but it was very strange. Why did his disposition suddenly turn?Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

    Have you seen him scratching more than normal? If so, you might want to try treating him for mites. You can get mange mite creams and shampoos for small animals on Amazon for not too much, around $10. I've heard that mange can make pigs cranky!

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    Re: Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

    Hi, He has been scratching a bit more than usual, I will defiently treat him for mites. Better safe than sorry! The treatments wont effect them even if they dont have mites correct?

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    Re: Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

    Correct. Many of them moisturize the skin as well. Just paint their nails and call it a spa day!

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    Re: Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

    Here are the instructions for treating for lice and mites:

    There are no shampoos that I know of that will adequately treat mites. You need something systemic that either taken orally, injected, or absorbed into the skin.

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    Re: Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

    Thank you!

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    Re: Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

    Usally male Guinea Pigs get a little crazy once they get a little older. I would be careful, though, just to make sure there is nothing else going on. Maybe get a scale and try doing health checks every week or so to make sure he is not losing weight.

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    Re: Guinea Pig Becoming Aggressive

    Actually, male guinea pigs don't get a little crazy when they get older, unless you're talking about very young pigs just going into puberty. But biting someone isn't even a sign of that. Puberty just means rumblestrutting, mounting, chasing, and being territorial, not biting humans.

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