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Thread: Greetings fellow pig parents!

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    Talking Greetings fellow pig parents!

    Hi everybody! My name is Sophie, I'm a junior in high school (Im a fairly new owner, have had my pigs since September 23, 2017, but I consider myself knowledgable about the wonderful animals and have plenty of advice to offer), and I am the loving owner of three wonderful pigs. Paisley and Bibi are adopted (with their sister Hope who passed away from a rapid paced URI ). My beautiful girls are both tricolors. Paisley is the boss and Bibi is the runt, the poor little girl is afraid of her own shadow. I rescued Rascal in the winter from a distant friend who planned on putting him OUTSIDE. In the WINTER. With a FOOT OF SNOW. In NEW YORK!!!! He's a handsome little biter originally from an abusive home where two young kids would throw him and pull at him. It disgusts me.
    I'm working on giving each one of my babies the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilling life I can!

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    Re: Greetings fellow pig parents!

    Welcome piglover
    I can't believe that they wanted to put Rascal outside during the winter!! I'm glad that you rescued him!
    Your piggies sound so cute, do you have any pictures of them ?

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    Re: Greetings fellow pig parents!

    Hahaha do I? > Is there a way to post multiple pictures in one reply?

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    Re: Greetings fellow pig parents!

    Yes, whenever you make a post/comment there's a little icon with a tree on it above where you write. Press it and you can upload pics from your computer/phone. You can add a bunch of photos this way

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    Re: Greetings fellow pig parents!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	168.jpg 
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Name:	Snapchat-1686329171.jpg 
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Name:	20180514_112239.jpg 
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    Re: Greetings fellow pig parents!

    Thank you! There they are!

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    Re: Greetings fellow pig parents!

    Aw!! They are so adorable! I love their colours~

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