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Thread: Pine Wood Pellets Smell-Should I Remove my Pig?

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    Pine Wood Pellets Smell-Should I Remove my Pig?

    So after a lot of advice from many on this forum as well as doing my own research I decided to switch to fleece and wood pellet bedding. I wicked the fleece and bought what seems to be the most popular brand among many of you, the Tractor Supply Equine Pelletized Bedding. I added the bedding and put the fleece on top and bright my guinea pig back into it. She seemed curious but was popcorning all around. However, my mother came in and said she smelt pine without me saying anything about the new bedding. I didn?t smell anything when I was putting it in or anything, I just kind of smelt a barn smell but I also put out fresh hay for her. I still don?t really smell pine at all. Should I take her out and switch the bedding back? I don?t want her to get sick but she seems to be fine, jumping around and as active as ever.
    Please help, any advice would be very much appreciated!

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    Re: Pine Wood Pellets Smell-Should I Remove my Pig?

    Are you saying that the wood pellets are made of pine? If so, remove the pine woodchip bedding and replace it with either shredded aspen (which I use) or carefresh. You can find any of these beddings at your local pet store. The aroma that pine gives off is potentially harmful to guinea pigs and can cause a URI (upper-respiratory infection) which is fatal if not caught and treated early and very fast-moving. I had a lovely piggie named Hope who died in my arms of a URI. This was 3 days after she suddenly lost 100kg. Her state of decline was rapid and heart breaking. I was going to take her to the vet the very next day. Dont use pine bedding, I hope you never go through the same experience with any pig of yours.



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