I just recently learned my ?boar? is a sow and is pregnant, she is about 6 months. She?s been to the vet, but they didn?t help me much, so I decided to come here for help and advice!

She?s been seperated and is in her own cage. I?m making sure she has plenty of hay and pellets, both of which are Oxbow. She?s also got Oxbow?s Vitamin C treats. She gets peppers every day and I feed a variety of lettuces. She also likes dill, but she?s not too interested in other vegetables. She likes mango and will eat a bit weekly. I?m also going to buy alfalfa tomorrow in order to give her proper protein and calcium, but I?m not sure how much she really needs.

I can?t find exactly how much calcium and vitamin C a pregnant pig needs online so any advice would be greatly appreciated

I?m keeping the handling and stress to a bare minimum. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do or advice for the birth.

Thank you!