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Thread: how much hay to order??

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    how much hay to order??

    Hi! I have two female piggies who are 1 year old (adults i guess?) Anyway, I?ve decided to try to buy farm hay instead of store bought hay, but it?s really expensive. The problem is I just don?t know how much to order in pounds. I think I am gonna order from small pet select, I just don?t know how much to get (in pounds.) I?m looking around to buy one each month, so could anyone tell me how many pounds my piggies would eat in a month? thanks!

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    Re: how much hay to order??

    Hay ordered online is far cheaper per pound than the hay you buy in a store. It's also fresher. And the bigger the box you buy, the cheaper it is per pound.

    I buy SPS in the largest box available -- 60 pounds. One box would last my two pigs about 6-8 months. I'm down to one senior pig now, so I'll probably buy 20 pound boxes, since she doesn't eat a lot of hay.

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    Re: how much hay to order??

    I have the same problem. I buy from SPS and started out with 2 pigs, then 3, and now I have 5.

    I was buying 20 lbs boxes, but I realized I was having to buy it every month. Last month, I finally ordered the 60 lbs box. Been using it for a month and it looks like I've barely touched it.

    It cost more up front, but a lot cheaper in the end. For me, it was worth the huge box though. It's supposed to keep for around a year I believe (if stored correctly. SPS has info on their website about it).

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    Re: how much hay to order??

    Hay will actually last with very little loss of nutritional value for up to two years.

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