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Thread: Hay: Small Pet Select is Available in Canada!

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    Hay: Small Pet Select is Available in Canada!

    Hi Everyone,

    I haven't posted in years, and I've been meaning to do re-introductions for a long time, but for now I just have to share the good news that Small Pet Select Hay is available in Canada through Hop Online (!

    The boxes are very fresh and green, and my piggies love the Second Cut Timothy. Oxbow hay is also available through Hop Online. I feed a variety of grass hays to Poofters and Fuzzy Bear, and what I really like about Hop Online is that I can specify whether I'm looking for a softer or firmer cut of hay. I usually send an e-mail, and then they let me know what they have available. They've always accurately described their hays, and I've never been disappointed.

    Hop Online also has a large selection of food, supplements, and other piggy supplies.

    Anyways, I'll come back on later and introduce the piggies (or re-introduce in Poofters' case), but I just want to get the word out to those of you in Canada who have been looking for Small Pet Select hay.

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