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Thread: cleaning after lice treatment

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    cleaning after lice treatment

    I wasn?t really sure where to post this thread, so sorry if it?s in the wrong place. Anyway, i don?t know if I should be too concerned, but basically my piggies just had their last treatment of revolution yesterday because they had lice. I came home and put them in their playpen, replaced the fleece, took out their wood chews for now and put in a different igloo. Somehow I comepletely forgot to wash their cage and the plastic things that were in it. Will they be okay until next Friday when I clean their cage, or should I wash it as soon as possible? I?m not sure if lice can even be on the cage walls and plastic, so I just want to make sure and I really don?t want them to catch it again.

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    Re: cleaning after lice treatment

    I think they'l be fine.



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