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Thread: What type of hay is this?

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    What type of hay is this?

    Would someone happen to know what type of hay is this?
    If it even is hay at all.

    I have alot of this plant growing along my other type of hay that i usually feed the horses and guinea pigs, I'm wondering if this is actual hay and it's fine for them to eat this. I usually go down there to the horse fields and pick up hay for the guinea pigs, but the vegetation in the path got 4x bigger since i last went there and it's lowkey impossible to get them the hay i usually give them atm.

    Also, i usually feed them hay that's fresh as that one, is it fine to feed them hay this fresh or should i let it dry first?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: What type of hay is this?

    Ah, in case this is some type of hay, is it fine to let them eat the leaves too?



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