Does anyone know if it would be possible to incorporate a small dog crate into the under cage storage area of a guinea pig cage, with proper reinforcement of course? I have a full-grown dachshund who's small dog crate also stays in my room. I am thinking about re-designing the C&C cage that houses my two boars to connect a another cage for two sows I recently got off craigslist, and making it closer to the ground without actually being on the floor since I have a small room and a single floor vent.

If I went made a huge storage base (say big enough for single-level 2x5 and 2x4/2x5 cage) out of cubes, would it be possible to incorporate a 2x2 cubed section in there somewhere and let that serve as the "Basil Cave"? (Yeah, his name is Basil) If I could, and make it structurally safe for both piggies and pup, that would help save space in a room that already has fairly limited space.

My dream situation would be to have an entire wall devoted to cage space for the four of them (separate cages of course), with shelving above for added organization. However, I haven't quite reached that level of decluttering yet.