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Thread: Determine age of piggies

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    Determine age of piggies

    I have four sows and I?m lost on the ages of my two oldest. They were adopted around 2 months on Feb. 10th. When I brought them to the vet a month later since they both turned out to be girls instead of boys, and one was heavily pregnant with our now two month old girls. Also the vet informed me they were actually around 6 months of age instead.

    Well, I need to figure out a sure way find out if they?re over of under 6 months since I need to order more pellets from KMS.

    TL;DR: Is there weight or measurement guidelines to determine if my GP are over 6 months?

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    Re: Determine age of piggies

    No, there's not. I'd treat them as if they're six months, give all the pigs timothy pellets, and take the ones under six months out of the cage daily for a couple of sprigs of parsley.



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