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Thread: Tips on bonding guinea pigs ?

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    Tips on bonding guinea pigs ?

    I have 2 female adult guinea pigs & I've had them both for a year now.
    They both grew up together but I'm not sure if they're from the same litter. I've been thinking about getting a 3rd guinea pig and bonding her with my girls. However I'm a bit nervous about the bonding process. How long should I wait to start the bonding process after I adopt her? & how do I bond them properly?

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    Re: Tips on bonding guinea pigs ?

    You can't bond guinea pigs. You can introduce them. They may live together just fine without ever "bonding," if we define "bonding" as sleeping together and calling for the other when they're out of the cage. I've had guinea pigs for years, and I've never had two that slept together.

    Here's the bible on introductions:

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