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Thread: Do flippers really make that big of a difference?

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    Feb 01, 2018
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    Do flippers really make that big of a difference?

    I am one more notch away from being a full fledged cavvy slave.... I have bought the 2X6 cagetopia cage with extra wide loft, I have switched from wood chips to fleece blankets over puppy pads...I have already spent 400$ for the pigs this month. My question is do fleece flippers save as much time and hassle as they say? Right now my daily routine is: going into the pig room, moving all the pigs to one area, taking out each fleece blanket and shaking it out over the trash(debris goes all over the place when I do this), replacing puppy pads if they are soiled, putting the blanket back in and washing dirty blankets, sweeping inside the cage, and finally sweeping or vacuuming the floors to get all the stuff that falls off the blankets. It is a significant time investment and I have to do it daily, not to mention it is rough on my back. I have heard that with fleece flippers you can just pick up each section and vacuum it/ sweep it off, since it is stiff and replace it. I would love to hear people's experience with them and whether they do save time or not. Thank you! I want to know before I shell out 100-200$ on the flippers.

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    Re: Do flippers really make that big of a difference?

    I can tell you that I have multilayered stuff right now. I use two towels, two layers of uhaul, and a fleece cover. At the very earliest possible time, I will have flippers made. Yes, they are that much of a timesaver.

    I also used to use the puppy pads, but once I realized how much the uhaul absorbs, I stopped buying them.

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    Re: Do flippers really make that big of a difference?

    Hello! Isn't it funny how easy it is to spend all that money on our little wheekers You poor dear thing though that sounds like a very intensive cleaning.

    Here is my experience with the flippers. I also have a 2x6 and ordered the ones off the cage fleece website. When you get them they all come separate 12 total Uhaul pieces (2 for each flipper), 6 coroplast sheets and 6 pillows. It does not come prewashed so you have to wash AND dry it multiple times to get all fleece and Uhaul absorbent. I think I did 4 wash/dry cycles before it was wicking well. I am not going to lie setting them up is a pain. You take one Uhaul layer and wrap it over the coroplast and then do the same with the second piece. Both pieces are made extra long for shrinkage so you either have to get creative with folding it over the coroplast or do what I did and cut some of the length off. Once you get the pieces somewhat smooth you have to shove it in the case. It does take a bit finagling and smoothing of the Uhaul padding inside to get it all flat. But alas you are done and you have the flipper. Using them is awesome, just take out the dirty flipper and clean off without getting bedding everywhere. Then once one side is dirty, flip it over and you have a clean side! Down side is when you take out on flipper poop does fall off and roll under the next one so you still end up sweeping the cage. Taking them apart to wash is kind of a pain but they do wash very well.

    I personally got tired of dealing with taking them apart and putting them together so I got a 2x6 fleece liner with uhaul padding inside and use bunch of fleeece potty/ water bottle drip pads that I take out 2x/day sweep off and put back. I also don't bother taking out the liner during the daily cleanings and just use my little broom to sweep any poops.

    I think for you either getting the flippers or even a cage liner will be easier then your current system of puppy pads and fleece blankets. This way it is only one layer and less shaking. They even have nifty liners on etsy that go up 6" on each side so all the poop stays on the fleece and none can get on the coroplast.

    Either way I would recommend investing in some of the fleece potty pads (also can find on etsy). They allow for your current liner/fleece flippers to stay cleaner longer so you only have to wash them once every week to 1 1/2 half depending how messy your piggies are.

    Oh final thing, for the loft I recommend doing it off set. So instead of all 2x2 on top of your 2x6 only a 1x2 section is. This way it is waaay easier for you to clean. If you need a picture let me know.

    I hope this helps, feel free to ask me any questions!

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    Re: Do flippers really make that big of a difference?

    The flippers sound like a lot of work. I have the fleece cage liner from guinea pig market , which has 2 layers if uhaul inside. They are easy! I have some "potty pads" that I put in areas they tend to soil quickly. Every thanks just gets thrown in the wash. It can be expensive initially and they have to be washed a few times before they start working away the moisture. But now I love them!

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