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Thread: Any tips on having a C&C cage?

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    Question Any tips on having a C&C cage?

    I have decided to build a C&C cage. I have found out how to make it and how to clean it but I still don't understand the fleece part. What absorbent layers do you guys buy? Do you have to buy a whole bunch? I don't want to go out and waste my money on lots of pads each week, I need something that I can just sew on to the fleece and just wash the fleece with it on and have no difficulty. But, the problem is, I have no idea how I would find something like that and what it would be called. Any ideas or tips for me?

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    Re: Any tips on having a C&C cage?

    There's a whole forum on fleece and cages, with lots of information. See

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    Re: Any tips on having a C&C cage?

    I am about to make some liners for my cc cage and I have bought two uhaul pads from Uhaul store and some fleece throws I found on sale. I'm in the process of washing and drying them right now. I really do not want to sew them even though I inherited my aunt's sewing machine, so I decided to use The Piggy Room's video on You tube to make mine with the webbing that you iron.

    It will probably not be pretty because crafty I am not, but its for guinea pigs to poop on, so I've decided not to worry too much about it. I'm making my liners shorter than my cage length. It should cover 2 x 3 (my cage is 2 x 4) and their kitchen area, which is basically a 1 x 2 area of one end, I'm going to use smaller pads and change that area more frequently. They have a hay box (litter box) that they pee the most in, so that will help. The rest of their cage can go longer without changing but that kitchen side needs more frequent changes because they tend to pee more on that end. Also, their water bottle has been a leaky pain in my butt lately so I need extra padding under it. I'm also going to make pee pads from some extra fleece and uhaul to go under hides and their tunnel, so I can change those areas more frequently.

    if you can afford it, some talented people sew liners on etsy which I have bought a few, but it gets expensive quickly.
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    Re: Any tips on having a C&C cage?

    Quote Originally Posted by mellieann View Post
    I'm making my liners shorter than my cage length.
    Your liners need to be LONGER than your cage length/width. They ideally should extend up the sides about an inch all the way around. Otherwise, your cavies will poop and pee over the sides and it will get into the cracks/seams of the coroplast........and stay there. Also, the liners may shrink a bit over time and the gaps will be even more problematic.

    Do consider getting incontinence pads to go under the liners. They are reusable and last a long time with repeat laundering and bleaching. They also absorb any waste that your liners miss and keep the coro clean. They are more ecco friendly than puppy pads which only contribute to environmental waste........and, cavies seem to love to chew on the blue plastic on puppy pads.

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    Re: Any tips on having a C&C cage?

    I use pine pellets or aspen under the liner. Not in the entire cage though, just in the kitchen side. Yeah, the cracks get gross, but if you pull up the base alittle with everything out of it, you can clean them with diluted vinegar (as well as the sides on cage cleaning days) The poops are too big to really get stuck in the cracks. It's mostly the pine pellets that have broken down that are the biggest pain to get out of cracks and that's only where the urine is which isn't usually in a crack. The leaky waterbottle issue I've finally resolved, now THAT corner's cracks were a mess. but I use potty pads over there. And Also my coroplast is actually two separate pieces (where it overlaps in the middle) so I can replace them when they get too gross. I did not do this for this reason, but that ended up being a benefit. Its also easier to pull up the kitchen side and clean the crease of the coro. Although, I haven't had to replace any yet. Coroplast isn't that expensive to replace if necessary.

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