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Thread: Guinea pig alone at vets

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    Guinea pig alone at vets

    Hello I have two guinea pigs and I am going to take one to the vet. Should we bring the other one along, they get separation anxiety? The appointment will be about an hour.

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    Re: Guinea pig alone at vets

    When I worked in the veterinary field I would often see people bring both of their guinea pigs to an appointment for just one of them. They would tell me it seemed to take the nervousness away when both pigs had each other for comfort.

    When I had to take one of my girls to the ER because she had an eye poke I did not take her roommate. Both of them did fine being apart for a short time.

    I think it's up to you and you can't go wrong either way. If they get really upset being away from each other it might be better not to separate them.

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    Re: Guinea pig alone at vets

    I always took my first two together. They got along well in a small travel carrier, and seemed to be happier together. I wouldn't dare take the two I have now together. Even if they're both going, they go in separate carriers.

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    Re: Guinea pig alone at vets

    I always bring my girls to the vet solo. My current girls get along well in their cages, but will bicker in the carrier, so there isn't a point for me to bring along another.



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