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Thread: My piggies keep burrowing underneath the fleece!

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    My piggies keep burrowing underneath the fleece!

    While extremely adorable, one of my guinea pigs is a master at finding out how to get underneath her fleece! I've tried everything from tucking it underneath the outside of the cage, to adding tunnels where she usually "digs" her way under, to adding more hidey places! Any ideas on how to get her to stop? I've included a picture of the little culprit.

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    Re: My piggies keep burrowing underneath the fleece!

    I have a pig who does exactly that same thing. The only solution I found was to purchase some electrical conduit from Home Depot. My husband then cut it to fit the front of my cage and two longer pieces to fit down the sides. I laid the conduit on top of the fleece and she cannot move them to get under. That did work to keep her from burrowing under the fleece, however, she still will burrow under her liners. Of all my pigs she is the only one who does that. I know how frustrating that behavior can be after we go to so much trouble to make them a nice cage.

    I've given up on keeping her from going under the liners but at least she isn't messing up the fleece. I just lift the liners up and sweep the poo that she always leave there. I have several liners in my cage and I do change them daily. It makes more laundry for me but the liners are easy to wash and dry. Keeping her from completely going under her fleece is my main concern.

    Like your little girl, my pig is just wonderful in every other way. It's just so irritating to deal with a burrower. Once they start that behavior it's almost impossible to make them stop.

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    Re: My piggies keep burrowing underneath the fleece!

    Some of my guinea pig are avid digger/burrowers. The only thing that I have found that really stops them burrowing under their fleece bedding long term is to give them what they want.

    What I mean by this is give them fleece to burrow under in a way that you are happy with. I have several small blankets of fleece (most are about 20 to 30 inches in size in both width and diameter, all of them prepped so they wick moisture), and when I clean there cage I toss one of the small fleece blankets (I call them the decoy fleece) in on top in a corner for them to burrow and lay under. Two of mine will cart them all over the cage, the other two keep them in just the one favourite spot, but it keeps them happy and keeps the full cage lining fleece in place. These decoy fleeces do get changed out regularly in my cages simply because of how popular (thus heavily used) they are.

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    Re: My piggies keep burrowing underneath the fleece!

    And they never go under the bottom fleece? Right now I have the bottom fleece as just a layer over towels (changing this to actual liners once I get their new cage which is arriving next week). I'm definitely going to try this! It seems like it'll work. (:



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