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Thread: Young male looks chaffed.

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    Young male looks chaffed.

    My little man is about 12 weeks old maybe younger, about two weeks ago I started to notice that he was growing his testicles, so far it looks like only one has dropped and the other one is about to. (may not be pg rated lol) Both my daughter noticed today he looks a little chaffed in the bum area and swollen. We tried to get a picture of it but he was being a little squirmy one today and just wanted to play on the floor or hide behind our head. My daughter had two boars but she never really handled them much so we never got to see how the genitals were suppose to look like plus they were both black and white and Toasty our little guy has a white butt. ITS SOOOO CUTE! Still is it normal to look a little chaffed? Does this call for a vet visit or should we clean it? After looking at some pics it looks normal except looking a little crusty and dry.
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    Re: Young male looks chaffed.

    Can you post a picture? Close up, and well lit?



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