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    New to Today's Piggies

    I say that because when I kept a pig 35 years ago-it was much different. He came alone, his cage was not overly large (probably borderline too small) etc. but he lived 6 years and I loved him.

    5 years ago my daughter did a camp at a local shelter. They had piggies. She loved them. So I gave her what she needed to do to earn them (And keep them). 5 years later, she stepped up and here we are. I am uncertain but I followed through because I gave her my word. Sadly, I did not do all the research. I didn't realize how different things are (like we're supposed to have two! and their habitat must be pretty large). All that aside, though, we are here and I am determined to make her experience a success and help her as best as I can. So please don't bash on my lack of experience or foresight. She loves the girls and I want this to work. She earned it and I will support her 100%.

    We happen to have a guinea pig rescue nearby. We went and visited. She came home with two girls. They are cute. We have them in a midwest habitat (the rescue sold us to start us off) . We are figuring out still how to set it up the best way and make this as "easy" for clean up, play etc as possible. I realize easy is relative but what I really mean is I hope to not be doing thing the HARD way. Fleece, kitchens/litter area etc are all new concepts to me. This is not the guinea pig of 35 years ago where I dumped the cage a few times a week and put in fresh bedding. Heck, I can't even lift the habitat to do that if I wanted.

    I will try to post in the correct forums/threads. We will have lots of questions. Primarily, I feel very unsettled now because I'm not sure I like the set up of our habitat. I think once we get everything settled I will feel better about it. She's ecstatic and has none of the anxiety I am prone to.

    I'll post over there to get suggestions.

    Glad I found this forum

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    Re: New to Today's Piggies

    Hello, and welcome! No worries, we all start somewhere. I'm glad you're here! In terms of set up, we'd be happy to help out! Feel free to post in the About Cages section, and you'll be sure to get feedback! If you'd like, you can also post pics of the current set up and describe what you're not sure you like about it so we can give you some suggestions based on that as well.

    Again, welcome!

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    Re: New to Today's Piggies

    Sounds like you're off to a pretty good start!

    Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:!

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    Re: New to Today's Piggies

    Thank you for the welcome! I will read those links when I get home from work later. I have been researching the habitats and how we can make one. Maybe that is the way to go. I probably even have those panels. Not sure where I got them though, it was so long ago. I didn't realize how frowned upon the midwest habitats were. For the $25 she charged me-it was a good deal because it will get us through. Even though I did order a fresh canvas liner. The other enclosure we looked at that was similar size to the midwest was quite a bit of money and I would have been sad to now read it was wrong. I guess there is no huge hurry, they will be fine in there while we figure it out over the next week or so. I tend to want things done yesterday. I'll post some pix later to get some advice. I'll also show her what I see on here for ideas. It really feels so important to me that we get this right. They really are interesting, fun animals.



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