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Thread: Coconut oil? Vitamin C?

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    Question Coconut oil? Vitamin C?

    Ive had Guinea Pigs before but never a Skinny Pig. I got my Miss Piggy about 3 months ago and she is still young. She is slowly getting more comfortable with us.

    How do I know which coconut oil to get or not get?

    How do I know when to use it?

    Re chewable vit C, do they really need it? If so which are good?

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    Re: Coconut oil? Vitamin C?

    For coconut oil you want cold pressed virgin coconut oil. The most important thing is that it is cold pressed. You use it when her skin looks dry or flakey.

    They don't need vitamin C supplementation unless they are old, or sick, or lacking it in their diet. You don't need to feed a vitamin C supplement in a young healthy animal if they are eating pellets with vitamin C and you are feeding a vegetable that is high in vitamin C (bell pepper is good for this) in their daily cup of veg.

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    Re: Coconut oil? Vitamin C?

    Great info! Thanks so much that helps a lot!

    Flaky skin is easy to spot, otherwise I dont know how to tell if its dry, she jumps so much and wont let me touch her back. I dont remember my regular GP jump this much. She does same in her cage when she goes into a free for all run.

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    Re: Coconut oil? Vitamin C?

    BTW is "unrefined cold pressed" same as those who just say "cold pressed"?

    Dont want to get the wrong product.

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    Re: Coconut oil? Vitamin C?

    No, there is a difference between unrefined and refined coconut oil (and in most cases if it doesn't state unrefined it is more likely refined). Mostly in flavour. Unrefined is the closest to pure unaltered coconut oil so it is the better one for using on guinea pig skin.

    You will be able to feel when her skin is dry, it will feel rough to the touch (but you will have to get her used to being touched first, try rubbing down her back like you would pet a dog, start and the head then glide your hand down her back). Just be careful to use the coconut oil sparingly (as in get a very small amount, only just enough to lightly cover your hands, warm it up in your hands then rub your hand on the dry/flakey area), and don't use it too frequently as it can cause clogged pores and acne in skinny guinea pigs if it is used too much.



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