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Thread: Ivermectin Dosage help

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    Ivermectin Dosage help

    Hello! I?m new here. I would like help administering ivermectin to my guinea pigs as they have been scratching and biting themselves quite a bit. I can?t afford to take them to the vet for another few months as I am between jobs. My first guinea Pig (Bear) weighs 950grams and my other (Tiger) weighs in at 785grams. I bought the aspen ivermax pour on for cattle. 250ml 5mg of ivermectin per ml. I?m terrible at math and wouldn?t want to overdose my little guys. I want to try this first if it doesn?t help I will have to use my emergency credit card to take them to the vet. Thank You. I have a 1cc syringe as well. All feedback is welcome! If this is posted incorrectly please remove it.

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    Re: Ivermectin Dosage help

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    Re: Ivermectin Dosage help

    Thank you for your response! So does that mean .095 and .078 doses behind their ears?

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    Re: Ivermectin Dosage help

    Yes. Apply it on the bald spot, fold the ear over, and rub it in.

    Just doublecheck to make sure it's 5 mg per milliliter.

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    Re: Ivermectin Dosage help

    It is. I just gave them their doses. Thanks for all of your help! I’ll keep an eye on them and in a week give them another dose. Hopefully this helps their itching I can’t stand to see them scratching so much.

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    Re: Ivermectin Dosage help

    Actually, they need three (or four, if it's a bad infestation) doses, each a week apart, to hit all the life cycle of the mites.

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