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    New to the forum

    Hi, My name is Karen and we currently have 1 female (at least according to the pet store) guinea pig. We are hoping to get her a cage mate from a friend of mine who thought she had 2 males, until one ended up pregnant. We are waiting to find out the genders of the babies (she is taking them to the vet to be sexed) and if there is more than one girl in the litter of 3, we will have a friend for Smudge. I am sure I will be reading and posting a lot when it comes time to bond them 🙂
    looking forward to getting to know everyone,
    Karen and Smudge

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    Re: New to the forum


    Be sure to turn both pigs over and compare their private parts before you put them together -- that's THE rule to follow before introducing pigs.

    Here's some reading material for new pig owners:!



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