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Thread: Advice about sebaceous cyst

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    Advice about sebaceous cyst

    In October I noticed a lump on my guinea pigs back. After taking him (Cookie) to the vet it was confirmed it was a sebaceous cyst. The vet lanced the cyst and drained the gunk that was inside of it. She informed me that the cyst would most likely return and the only option to get rid of it was to do surgery. She did also say it was not dangerous and only recommended surgery if it bothered Cookie.

    The cyst formed a blackish, dried blood like scab that remained on his back until toady (where the vet lanced it) and didn't seem to bother Cookie in the slightest. If we touched the cyst while petting him he didn't seem to care.

    The cyst did return and seemed to be a bit bigger then it was originally. It was was approximately 15-20 cm cm in diameter and 15-20 cm in height. Some time today the scab came off his cyst - I am not sure if he somehow scraped it off while moving his step stool house around or if it just broke of the skin because the cyst was getting larger and his skin stretched. I did squish out the gunk that was in the cyst ( it was a white toothpaste like substance with no smell to it). Squeezing the cyst did not bother Cookie in the slightest no squeaking or squirming while expressing the cyst. There was a small bit of blood on a bit of the gunk that came out, I am assuming that the blood was from where the scab and the skin separated.

    Now that the cyst is empty Cookie has a crater like hole in his back that is about 8 - 10 cm across and about 10 cm deep. I am taking Cookie to the vet on as soon as I can get him in, in the meantime what, if anything should I do with regards to the hole? Should I be flushing it out or cleaning it somehow? Also will the hole close up without surgery?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Advice about sebaceous cyst

    Flush it twice daily with sterile saline, available at any pharmacy.

    The hole will just keep filling up until the sac is removed. It's not a bad surgery -- it's quick, and the pig isn't under anesthesia very long. But it's the only way to get rid of that cyst. But do be sure to see a good exotic vet to have it done.



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