Hi! My name is Bear. I live in a townhouse apartment with my boyfriend and my mother, as well as our animal friends; a small dog (Finn), two cats (Miles is 13 and Mia is 4), a green-cheeked conure (Oprah, 12), and tree lovely lady piggies (Tali is 4, Moxxi is 3, and Moira was born early last December.). All of our animals are rescues or adoptions.

Guinea pigs were very familiar in my house as a child. My mom had had guinea pigs a lot through life, and at that time, my mom rescued pigs and bred four litters over time, and placed around 10 total as classroom pets with people she trusted. My first pet was a lovely girl named Penny when I was about five. She was bred twice and, on while giving birth to her second litter, she experienced a prolapsed uterus and was unable to be saved. I kept one of the litter and named him Oreo, who I had until he suddenly passed away when I was ten or so.

My sister rescued a pregnant female, four years ago, from which I adopted Tali. I took Moxxi in the same manner the next year to be a companion to Tali. Their mama passed away almost a year ago now, but, my sister rescued another pregnant female late last year. Since my boyfriend is very fond of Tali and Moxxi, my sister and I conspired to gift his choice of the litter for Christmas. He fell for a specific one without knowing he was to own one of them, and I managed to acquire a larger cage and some additional supplies to bring her into our home without him knowing. I gave her to him a few days before Christmas and he's been extremely happy about her. The other two girls have welcomed her easily, and Moira has specifically taken a liking to Moxxi, who she follows around like a shadow.

Aside from guinea pigs, I'm a disabled individual and working on figuring out a career in computer technology I can maintain. Video games have a big impact on my life. I'm not terribly interesting, though!

I'm hoping I can learn some more things from joining here, and ask questions.

Here's some pics of our girls (Moira has grown a lot). The dog is actually really good with the pigs, he just wants to groom them. (We kind of think he thinks they're puppies or something)
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