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Thread: 2 baby guinea pigs have 1 crusty eye

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    2 baby guinea pigs have 1 crusty eye

    So I got my baby Male Guinea pigs from a pet store on Saturday and its now Tuesday and Ive noticed that both of them have a bit of crust on one of their eye. Both of their other eyes are completely fine and they are eating a lot and active and Ive noticed one of them sneezed a few times but no snot came out of his nose. The only symptoms their showing of a possible upper respiratory infection is both with one crusty eye and and one sneezing a few times so Im not sure what it could be, Im taking them to the vet Tomorrow but can anyone tell me what they think it is and if a uri is starting? And if it is a uri that?s starting will it be cured easily?

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    Re: 2 baby guinea pigs have 1 crusty eye

    It's completely fine.

    Only thing to keep an eye on is the sneezing. It could be an early symptom of respiratory problems.

    I hope this helps

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    Re: 2 baby guinea pigs have 1 crusty eye

    Crusty eyes and sneezing can by symptoms of something more, and both are symptoms of upper respiratory infections. If you're taking them to the vet tomorrow, ensure that the vet is an exotics vet and not just a small animal, i.e. dog and cat vet. They know little to nothing about so called pocket pets and can be downright dangerous with incorrect treatment.

    Pet store pigs are often sold missexed and already ill. This is one of the reasons why we heavily advocate rescue and adoption on this forum. My advice would also be to have the vet make sure they are indeed both pigs of the same sex. There have been a lot of pregnant "males" here on the board.

    You NEED a cavy savvy vet to take your pigs to. Just a regular vet will NOT cut it.



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