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Thread: Lone pig in a new home - still add a second?

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    Lone pig in a new home - still add a second?


    I apologize in advance if this exact question has been answered recently (I did look over the site but may have missed it) or if I seem thick headed because I do see the importance of two pigs together buuutttttt.....

    I recently took over the care of a piggie named Rosie. She is very sweet and gentle. The problem is that she is alone and has been for all of her 2 years or of age. Is it still recommended that she have a cage-mate even though she is use to being by herself?

    I'm an avid animal lover and protector but a noob when it comes to these little guys. I just couldn't stand the thought of her being dumped off somewhere.

    So please don't yell at me because I now have just the one. She is more cared about now than she has ever been. I did all the research to make sure she has an awesome cage and all she now it's just about this one last piece.

    Ps: Rosie loves to snuggle. She is very content to sit on my chest just under my chin as she purrs and stretches. Just so lovable! Being so close to my face shows how much we have come to trust each other in just a couple of weeks! Which says a lot because her basic needs were met previously but no one spent one on one time with her.

    Now what about that second piggie?

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    Re: Lone pig in a new home - still add a second?

    Pigs almost always do better with a friend.

    See if there is perhaps a rescue close to you that would let you do a "meet and greet" with another little lady maybe close to her age? That way you could be sure that they get along.

    If you can't find a rescue, we may be able to help depending on where in the world you might be.

    Thank you for taking her in!

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    Re: Lone pig in a new home - still add a second?

    I agree. She'll be much happier with a buddy. But they need a large enough cage to keep the squabbles down -- two sows need about 10 square feet, and more is better.

    Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:!

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    Re: Lone pig in a new home - still add a second?

    Agreed with all of the above! Also, it sometimes takes a couple of introductions for them to become friends, so I wouldn't get discouraged too quickly! And some piggies are pickier about their friends than others. Of course, your piggy might be super chill with another female, but I just wanted to let you know it might take a couple attempts. Good luck, and thanks for taking her in!

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