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I'm thinking of trying these in the future, but I just recieved my order of 50lbs of KMS pellets... can't justify wasting them, especially when I don't really have concerns about my pigs now. My 7.5 year old is prone to some gas issues, but I have her on a rountine and medication that keeps her happy and stable.

Plus it's going to be crazy expensive for me to get them here. I order pellets 50lbs at a time. KMS costs me about $3.55lb, Oxbow is $2.50lb but sherwood would be roughly $6.40lb if I buy from their suggested Canadian retailer.
FWIW - the ones we have available are .78 per lb based on a 55 lb bulk bag ($42.95). Its one of the benefits of buying direct from the small mills with no distributors or middleman in between and not buying from larger operations