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Thread: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

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    Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

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    Found this leision on Groot, 4.5 yo boar. The balding around the leision was already there and not something I did. He has flat black areas on his skin under the hair. His appetite is fine, less interest but still eating normal amount much slower. His poops are normal.

    He displays no discomfort when I clean his back, there is no open area, no bleeding, and no drainage. He is in pain as evidence by hunching, constantly chewing if unmedicated, decreased interest in food, borrowing. His appointment is in 10 days. He is getting metacam.

    I am watching him closely. In the meantime....if this isn?t hurting him, has no drainage, and no bleeding should I be messing with it ( cleaning it with betadine and antibiotic ointment)? Also anyone know what this might be?
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    Re: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

    I'd see an exotic vet for that. It doesn't look like any sort of infection, and it may need a biopsy. I wouldn't bother it.

    I'd also try to get him in to an exotic vet sooner than that. If he's in pain, he needs whatever is causing it diagnosed and treated, and ten days is a long time to wait.

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    Re: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

    I’m sure they will see him sooner, I’ll call tomorrow. You’re right, this can’t wait. Thank you bpatters.

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    Re: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

    I hope Groot is doing better! How is he feeling? Any word from the vet?

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    Re: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

    Quote Originally Posted by bpatters View Post
    I'd see an exotic vet for that. It doesn't look like any sort of infection, and it may need a biopsy. I wouldn't bother it.
    I absolutely agree. That doesn't look like a common skin infection and may be something more serious. I would leave it alone until a vet can examine him.

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    Re: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

    Groot likely has lymphoma.... was treated with antibiotics. Nothing changed but he was eating and active so the veterinarian said we would watch the leision. After a few weeks it turned crusty and was doubled in size. Two veterinarians said guinea pigs are prone to lumps and bumps and cancer in guinea pigs is rare. Other than the lesion was normal.

    He stopped eating this week. The vet said it looks like he has lymphoma, all his lymph node were swollen. He has lost nearly a pound (he started out 5+ pounds). He had a biopsy and the results are pending.

    The vet said the leision on his back has nothing to do with the swollen lymph nodes. Poor boy is dragging is left back leg which is where they drew fluid to biopsy.

    He was given pain medication. He is loosing weight despite his feedings of critical care. His breathing seems labored but the vet said his breathing was normal.

    I was reading about guinea pig lymphoma and ran across someone who describes crusty growths appearing on their guinea pig who had lymphoma.

    I wonder if anyone knows if the two are truly relate both the crusty sore (above picture was taken day it was found) pictures today do not show what the actual sore looks like since hair and sore are the same in color.

    Once I get the results I may need to see the same vet as I am seeing whoever is in at the time of my appointment. Yes, at an exotic veterinarian hospital Ohio.



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