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Thread: Possible new store for Piggy accessories?

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    Possible new store for Piggy accessories?

    Hi all, I sew all my piggy accessories and have been toying with the idea of selling online. Now I'm not here asking for customers, but, if you think another guinea pig store is really needed. Not sure yet what designs I would sell, but I have a few basics that it seems everybody needs, such as pee pads and such. Anyway, just looking for some feed back. I'm also a little nervous that my creations won't be good enough so there's that. Nobody wants to hear bad feedback about something you think is alright. LOL I don't have any friends who have guinea pigs so I can't test out my products locally. Open to suggestions you may have. Thanks.

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    Re: Possible new store for Piggy accessories?

    Since I am unable to sew a decent stitch to make piggy accessories I always welcome a new store. Many of the stores that I have used in the past have stopped production for various reasons. I think most of them just get tired of sewing or they stop making items so that they can spend more time with their families. There were a couple of stores that I just loved and was so sad when they closed their shop. Just the other day I was trying to find some small round pillows for my pig's bed and I couldn't find any shop that sold them.

    As far as worrying about the quality of your items I would just make a few very simple items and see how well they sell. Since I buy all of my accessories from Etsy shops I always look at the comments that buyers make about the quality of the items that they have purchased. The most common complaints are loose and flimsy stitches or liners that are not sewed tightly and are bulky and do not lie flat.

    Honestly however, most of the sellers do a great job and the buyers are usually very pleased. In all the years that I have been buying I only found one shop that I felt could have done a better job. I just decided to not purchase from her again. I would not say anything bad about her shop. She just wasn't as skilled as the others were.

    If you want to try and sell a few items I would give it a go. If you do decide to sell online just do the best you can and don't worry about a few negative comments. Some people will complain about anything.

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    Re: Possible new store for Piggy accessories?

    Just so you know, if you decide to do this, you need to post the information in the Classifieds section, not here on the forum.

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    Re: Possible new store for Piggy accessories?

    I know...which is why I said I wasn't looking for customers just feedback. Looking more for ideas than anything else.

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    Re: Possible new store for Piggy accessories?

    I know this is an old thread but I’d love to see some new stuff in the classified section. I’m shopping for tunnels, cubes and hides. So many of the well known sellers take forever. Plus it would be nice to support fellow board members.



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