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Thread: What is a good bran of hay and food for piggies?

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    What is a good bran of hay and food for piggies?

    I adopted my two piggies from a family who didn't seem to know much about them and went off what a pet store told them. The food they gave me I'm not sure it is good. The hay they gave me didn't come in a bag the had it in a storage bin.

    Emma seems to eat a little bit of the food but that's it and Belle I don't know if she is even really eating the food. They both eat the hay but once I'm out I want to get them a god brand. What brands do y'all think is good for hay and food?

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    Re: What is a good bran of hay and food for piggies?

    The only pellets we recommend are KMS Hayloft (available only online) and Oxbow. They're excellent pellets, and neither of them use calcium carbonate for the calcium source -- it can contribute to bladder stones.

    As far as hay is concerned, brand doesn't mean a whole lot. You want a long strand grass hay (timothy, blue, meadow, orchard, brome). By far the cheapest way to buy is if there's a local farmer who'll sell you some, but you're not in a great hay-growing area. The next cheapest way is to order it online in bulk boxes (40-60 pounds). Good sources are Small Pet Select, American Pet Diner, KMS Hayloft, and I believe you can bulk Oxbow sent to a feed or pet store for you to pick up.

    By far the most expensive hay, and the worst quality, is the stuff you buy at Walmart, Target or pet stores. Those small bags may have been sitting around for years, and are often dry and dusty. They're also at least two to three times as expensive as the online stuff.

    Here's some recommended reading material for new piggy owners:!



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