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Thread: New piggy mummy to two rescues

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    New piggy mummy to two rescues

    Hi! I've joined this community as I recently rescued two little girls from someone I know. Every time I visited they never had food or water and their cage was a mess. This time when I visited it was the same, and their cage was in a worse state than ever, the entire floor was an inch deep in poop. They were kept on top of a 6 foot shelf and never handled since they were babies. So I sat my friend down and told them that either I want taking them or I was going to call the RSPCA.

    So now I have two guinea pigs! They're really very sweet, they've settled down perfectly. They're currently in the store bought cage that I took them in but me and my partner are busy building them a nice new big cage.

    I've joined here so I can ask for advice when necessary. My mum has owned guinea pigs ever since I left home so I can always turn to her too, but this is my first time actually owning some myself. I also currently have two chinchillas who are very curious about their new neighbours.

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    Re: New piggy mummy to two rescues

    Welcome to the forum. Thank you so much for taking those poor pigs from that home and giving them the decent home they deserve. Please do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you wish. There are so many knowledgeable forum members who are more than happy to share their experiences of guinea pig ownership with you.

    What are your new piggies names? When they feel more comfortable I would love to see pictures of them.

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    Re: New piggy mummy to two rescues



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