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Thread: Introducing lone piggie to a bonded trio

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    Introducing lone piggie to a bonded trio

    I've finally found some really nice cage mates for my Luna. Just wanted to ask a few questions on the matter. For context she's been a lone pig her whole life and her and the new piggies are about the same age. All females.

    -Can I introduce her to the whole trio at once or should it be one at a time?

    -If I can introduce them all, can four piggies fit comfortably in a bathtub for an introduction?

    -Should all hideys from her previous cage be discarded for new ones to avoid conflict in the new cage?

    -How necessary is the quarantine before the introduction? Asking because I don't have a spot to put the new ones that isn't going to be the cage where they all are going to eventually (and hopefully) live. Especially not for a whole two-three weeks.

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    Re: Introducing lone piggie to a bonded trio

    They should all be introduced at the same time, in a LARGE neutral space -- a bathtub isn't nearly large enough.

    The entire cage should be thoroughly cleaned and nothing in it should smell like any pig. Wash anything that's washable, and remove anything that's not. You can put hideys and stuff back in after several days. In the meantime, you can use cardboard tunnels.

    Quarantine is three weeks, not two, and is to protect your existing pigs from any diseases or parasites that the new one may have. If you can afford multiple vet visits, you can skip quarantine.

    Be prepared for the fact that this may not work, and you may wind up with the trio unbonded, and four pigs who have to live alone. That's not as likely with females as it is with males, but it can happen.

    Introductions with a group take a LONG time. The last time I introduced a pair and a singleton it was 9 hours before I felt comfortable moving them to the cage, and another two hours before I could go to bed.

    You also need a LARGE cage. Four pigs need a minimum of 13 square feet, and more is better.

    Here's the bible on pig introductions:

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    Re: Introducing lone piggie to a bonded trio

    1) Introductions should be done all at once with everybody

    2) a bathtub is definitely NOT large enough. For 4 pigs you are going to want a huge area, both long and wide. They need enough room to move, chase and get out of each others way

    3) old hideys can be used but they need to be cleaned extremely well so that they don't smell of any pig. Also be sure that all hides have 2 doors so that no pig can get trapped.

    4) quarantine is to ensure that no illness or parasite passes from the new pigs to existing pigs. If you trust where you are getting them from has already quarantined them then there isn't a need. If you decide not to do quarantine it just means that you have to be prepared for more vet bills if they all come down with something.

    Be prepared for an introduction of this size to take many hours. It can be very long and stressful. I introduced a trio to a single and it took them 12 hours in the neutral area before I felt comfortable putting them in the cage.



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