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Thread: Blood on fleece? PLEASE HELP

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    Blood on fleece? PLEASE HELP

    Hello everyone i have two female guinea pigs and i am really worried, tonight i was cleaning my guinea pigs cage and noticed two brown/reddish spots. They normally have white and yellow spots for their pee and i was told by my vet that yellow and white spots are normal, so what about brown/reddish stains? It does not seem like diarrhea as their poops look normal. My guinea pigs seems fine and are eating and drinking regularly. It must have happened today because i spot clean my guinea pigs cage every night and have only noticed it today. I have attached the two stains. If you guys have any information of what is happening please let me know. Thank you

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    Re: Blood on fleece? PLEASE HELP

    Guinea pig urine oxidizes when it dries, so it gets darker. And it gets darker for young pigs than for older ones. But that doesn't look like a urine stain.

    Sows don't normally bleed during their heat cycles, but occasionally a sow will have a little spotting. If it clears up in a day or so, but then recurs in about 14-16 days, that's probably what it is. If so, it's nothing to worry about.

    If you notice one squeaking while peeing or, particularly, pooping, you might be dealing with a bladder stone that's causing a bit of bleeding.

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    Re: Blood on fleece? PLEASE HELP

    So a little update so far, after i found the stains i emailed my exotic vet and he told me to come see him if there is any other stains. I did not found any stains after that until i put them in their play pen with a dog pee pad and found out that one of them was peeing a brown-reddish tint urine. I brought her to the vet that next day and we did an x-ray on her and found no stones and the vet told me those stains are not blood. The vet told me to change up their vegetables to have a wider variety because that could be the reason why. Before i fed them kale, bell pepper and zucchini so now i switched to green lettuce, 1 cherry tomato, bell peppers, very little cilantro, zucchini and 1 baby carrot for both guinea pigs to share. I even tried to limit their pellet intake. I looked at her pee today and did not notice anymore red/brown tints in her urine. However one of the guinea pigs is having a calcium sludge deposit now, which has never happened before. In the past it was little calcium spotting but nothing severe. The calcium sludge is barely wet and turns into a soft powder like substance when broken. I haven't been able to pinpoint which guinea pig it is yet but i am thinking its the one with urine problem. They are both still doing fine, eating and drinking normally with no squeaking while peeing or pooping.
    Is there anything else i can do to prevent this calcium sludge?

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    Re: Blood on fleece? PLEASE HELP

    It looks like it might be from the zucchini. Zucchini has a higher calcium content, so that could be the culprit. If you want a really handy veggie and fruit chart, GuineaLynx has a chart that's sortable by nutrient.

    What brand/ kind of pellets are you using?

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    Re: Blood on fleece? PLEASE HELP

    They barely eat the zucchini, maybe one or two small bites but eat every other given vegetables completely. I have to throw away the zucchini everyday because they don't finish it. I'm going to stop giving the zucchini anyways just in case. I give them oxbow young guinea pig pellets. They are about 6 months old and i am thinking of switching them to adult food soon. The calcium sludge is not happening everyday but i have found 2 calcium sludge in one week so i am concerned. It has only started happening once i switched their vegetable diet. But i think the vegetables i give them now has lower calcium than before as kale contains a lot of calcium so i am confused as to why they have the calcium sludge now. Also i forgot to mention the vet did not find any cyst either.
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