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Thread: Third cut Timothy hay in India

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    Third cut Timothy hay in India

    Does anyone know how I can get third cut Timothy hay shipped to India (I live in Bangalore).
    We get a brand called ZuPreem Nature's Promise Western Timothy hay in pet stores, and it is of a decent quality; But so far, the packets I've bought are turning out to have too many hard stalks and seed heads. I'm assuming it's first cut, but still quite expensive. I'd like for my piggy to be able to enjoy some nice, green leafy hay!

    I've looked at KMS Hayloft, Small Pet Select, and Rabbit Hole Hay, but none of them ship to where I live. There are a few other brands of Timothy hay available to order online, but none of them specify third cut, so I might just end up getting stalky first cuts if I try those too.

    I'd appreciate any help in this regard, thank you!

    P.S. Thank you to all the people who post and answer questions here. I've been fostering a little girl named Hazel for a month now, and these forums have been a wealth of information and a consolation when I thought I would lose my mind over how to care for my new baby.

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    Re: Third cut Timonthy hay in India

    Excuse the typo in the header

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    Re: Third cut Timothy hay in India

    I doubt seriously you could get it shipped there. But if you can find a horse racing stable anywhere around you, they should have a good quality hay. Maybe they'd sell you several flakes of it.

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    Re: Third cut Timothy hay in India

    Well - I'd be willing to give it a try!

    What if we try sending just a flake to start (which would be about 1/8 of a bale) to see if Indian Customs will allow it through. I will look and see what the requirements are for India (if I can find it) for "food products" and if you can also try to contact Indian customs and see what documents I need to do that would help as well

    Ive sent other products to India in the past - just not food products - so no idea if they are permitted and if they require anything special to get them through

    We don't have 3rd Cut but we do have really nice 2nd Cut Orchard Grass hay and 2nd Cut Timothy hay. Both are really really nice quality hays

    I'm willing to give it a try if you are!

    Let me know ...

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    Re: Third cut Timothy hay in India

    Just sent an email to Mr Yogesh Gupta who is the CHIEF COMMISSIONER OF CUSTOMS at Customs House in India

    Will let you know what he says if it is permitted or not, and what forms I would need to fill out, what weight limitations there are per shipment, if I can send it through Canada Post or if it needs to go by courier which would be more expensive and what fees you would need to pay at destination

    I'll let you know once I hear back from him

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