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Thread: Looking to adopt in NY

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    Looking to adopt in NY

    As the title says, I'm looking to adopt piggies for my lone sow. They'll be in a new C&C cage that's about 2x9 in size and will be treated well.

    I'm looking for sows particularly but not opposed to a neutered boar. Age doesn't matter much. I'm in the Brooklyn area but anywhere nearby the metro NY area is a suitable drive for me.

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    Re: Looking to adopt in NY

    Hey! Are you still looking to adopt? I live in Brooklyn, and am looking to rehome my feisty little 2 year old sow who lost her cage mate two months ago. She's suuuuper funny and a lovely pig - I feel awful having her all alone. I'm just trying to exit the endless cavy cycle, and she definitely needs a buddy.



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