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Thread: Yall can't compete with my guinea pigs' names

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    Yall can't compete with my guinea pigs' names

    Haha I've been working on this for 2 weeks now, but I've never got myself to finish this.

    Hello! My name is Simon, and I own two boars named Advil and Zyrtec. Yes, the medicine, pretty dumb names, I know, but these names have some pretty big importance to me.

    I adopted Advil and Zyrtec over a month ago and it has been the most worrisome and happiest month of my life. I named my guinea pigs Advil and Zyrtec because those names have some significance to me. I took an allergy test a few weeks ago, and it turns out I'm allergic to every tree, every grass, and every weed. My doctor said he hasn't seen anything like that in a long time. Pretty much Mother Nature hates me and wants me to suffer. When I thought about it, it makes sense to me. All my life, I have had trouble breathing through my nose. As far back as I could remember, my nose has always been clogged, even in the winter. Now, I'm taking allergy shots 2 times a week for the next few years until I get better. In that time, I going to take Zyrtec pretty often, so Zyrtec signifies getting better, and helping me become stronger.

    I am a swimmer, and if any of you guys are swimmers, you would know that training is tough and makes us prone to injury. I swim 8 times a week, sometimes before school. If you're a swimmer, you can probably relate that we get injuries all the time, especially shoulder injuries. So I have to take Advil pretty often, and when I do, I feel so much better.

    I did think about a normal name, but a name like buttercup princess, or brownie doesn't feel right with me.

    About my piggies: Advil is a scared of everything, but is so smart. He was the first to figure out how to use a guinea pig bed, he found veggies I was trying to hide from them on the cardboard box that is very tall, and he figured out of the 3rd or 4th day that the cutting board sound meant they getting veggies.
    Zyrtec is desperate to be the most dominant pig. Sadly, he isn't the most dominant pig, but it's funny to see him try. Whenever I would add a single hidey, Zyrtec would go crazy and popcorn and run all around the cage. Zyrtec is like a dumb high schooler that is wild and crazy, and Advil is like a really smart bookworm high schooler. Both of them are sweethearts though, and I love them so much.

    Do any you guys have weird or significant guinea pig names? I want to see if anyone has crazier names than me.

    I'm glad to be a part of this amazing website and I hope to make good friends with you all.

    Here is a picture of my two boys: (Advil is the Brown/Tan pig and Zyrtec is the Gray and White pig)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Yall can't compete with my guinea pigs' names

    Hi Simon,
    I think your boy's name are unique. I like when people choose names that have a special meaning to them. My girls all have very regular names, Brownie, Baby, Rusti, Randi, Teddi, Ginger. I'm not very innovative when it comes to choosing names.

    I think your boys are very cute. Zyrtec looks a little bit like my pig Teddi. Like Zyrtec, my Teddi is also wild and crazy. Even at 3 years of age she still does zoomies around the cage and will popcorn for no reason. Her sister Ginger just stares at her and can't understand why she is acting so silly.

    I'm glad you joined this forum and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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