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Thread: Guinea pig making wheezing sound when he wheeks

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    Guinea pig making wheezing sound when he wheeks

    I know I?ve been posing a lot regarding my boys but as a first time guinea pig owner I just want the best for them and a lot of the information I find online is contradicting and my last resort is here. My New Guinea pig, Loki, just went to the vet not even a week ago and was checked for an URI. I thought he might have one because he breathes really heavily but he didn?t really have any signs. The vet said he didn?t have a URI but they couldn?t figure out why he was breathing so hard. A few days ago I noticed that when he gets really excited and he?s wheeking really loud and popcorning he starts making like a wheezing sound. He only did once the past two days but today he did it a lot and I managed to get it on video. I can post it on YouTube and send the link if anyone wants to hear it. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? Please let me know.

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    Re: Guinea pig making wheezing sound when he wheeks

    Edit; I tried to post the link to the video but it?s not showing up...



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