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Thread: My guinea pigs wont stop bickering.

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    My guinea pigs wont stop bickering.

    I adopted my first guinea pig, Cedric, about 2 years ago. He was getting pretty lonely so I got him a baby boy, Sirius. Ever since they met they didn't really get along. They always bickered and tried to mount each other, mostly just Sirius bullying cedric. After a while they were fine. I decided to get another one a year later, Dobby. Big mistake. Now all 3 are bickering. Sirius was literally ripping out Dobbys fur so i seperated him and kept dobby and cedric in the same cage (3x3, im trying to move out away from my mom so i can make it bigger) just today i switched so sirius and cedric are together. And as i am typing sirius is picking at cedric. Every time he goes to drink sirius gets in his face and chases him down the ramp while rumbling. Im getting really upset about it. And i dont know what to do. I now have dobby by himself thinking maybe he was the problem because he was also fighting with cedric a lot.

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    Re: My guinea pigs wont stop bickering.

    Boar trios NEVER work. You'll need to either rehome one of them, or get a buddy for Dobby and hope that they get along. The two pairs would need to be in separate cages.

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    Re: My guinea pigs wont stop bickering.

    Ditto [MENTION=35161]Guinea Pig Papa[/MENTION]. We never recommend a boar threesome. They'll fail 95% of the time, or more.



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