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Thread: Guinea Pig Won't Eat Her Hay

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    Guinea Pig Won't Eat Her Hay

    My precious piggy, Aggie, has stopped eating hay almost entirely since her cage-mate passed away (which was in late December, but I'm getting her a new friend soon). She'll eat pellets and will devour veggies like a champ, but I don't know what to do about the hay thing. I've even tried giving her other brands and other types of hay (I feed Oxbow timothy hay) but nothing works. She's also recently started drinking a LOT of water. She'll drink an entire 32 oz. water bottle's worth of water every day! Is she sick? Please help!

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    Re: Guinea Pig Won't Eat Her Hay

    What you're describing sounds very much like what my boar Sly has been going through. It sounds very much like she has a dental issue.

    Please, get her into a cavy savvy vet ASAP. Not just a regular dog and cat vet, but one that specializes in exotics.

    Here is Sly's medical thread. Read through it and see if there are similarities between Aggie and Sly.

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