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Thread: Guinea pig losing fur

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    Guinea pig losing fur

    I have had 2 guinea pigs for almost 3 weeks now. 1 of them is losing hair on her nose. I just noticed it today anything I can do or should i see a vet as soon as i can?

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    Re: Guinea pig losing fur

    Fungus infection. Go to any pharmacy and get some Nystatin or Lotrimin. Apply it to his nose twice day, sparingly, and rub it in well so he won't get any of it by licking it. If it doesn't start to look better in a week, or if it gets worse in the meantime, stop the Nystatin/Lotrimin and switch to a triple antibiotic cream, applied the same way.

    It can be hard to distinguish between a fungus and a bacterial infection. But we always start with treatment for a fungus for two reasons. One, that's usually what it is. And two, treating a fungus with an antibiotic can sometimes make it worse, while treating a bacterial infection with an antifungal medicine won't do anything to it, one way or the other. So if the fungus medicine hasn't helped after several days, it's probably bacterial, and needs an antibiotic.

    No need for a vet visit unless 1) it gets worse, 2) a secondary infection develops (you're probably see a weeping area with crusts), or 3) it doesn't improve with either of the treatments above.

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    Re: Guinea pig losing fur

    this pic is from doing Lotrimin this morning for the 4th time. Idk if its looking better almost looks worse? Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Guinea pig losing fur

    You haven't been giving it long enough to be able to see any difference, unless it's getting much worse. Fungus is hard to get rid of, which is why I suggested treating it for a week before deciding if it's improving or not.



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