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Thread: What size cage to reduce floor time?

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    What size cage to reduce floor time?

    ATM I have two boars in a 2x4 C&C, they have been getting along well. I do 2 hours of floor time daily in a really large area. I find caring for the pigs to be very manageable, except for the process of setting up and taking down the floor time set up and all the extra washing of towels floor time creates. As a full time working mom of 2, I need to reduce my workload a bit. So I'm planning an expansion of their cage. I'm going to use one of my Midwest habitats as a loft. I have ordered more grids and coroplast. At the most I can fit a 2x6 in the space I have (plus the loft). Is this big enough to only give floor time on weekends? Or do I need to move the cage to an entirely new room and go even bigger? In which case I'm not sure where I could put the cage.....

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    Re: What size cage to reduce floor time?

    The larger cage and loft should work if they get time on the weekends.

    But a large old blanket or quilt works well for floor time. You can just shake it out afterwards, and only wash occasionally.



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