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Thread: Goodnight, sweet pig... RIP Tribble

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    Goodnight, sweet pig... RIP Tribble

    Well, my last pig is gone...

    Tribble was feeling very well and seemed to be over his illness when I spoke with the lady at the rescue on Monday about coming up on the 31st to adopt a new cagemate. But around mid-week his eating started to decrease. I started feeding him Critical Care yesterday afternoon, thinking that he was having a recurrence of the GI stasis that he had earlier this month. I was hoping that getting a little nutrition into him would help him perk up, but he had all but stopped eating hay this morning, and then I started thinking I might see some blood in his urine. I took him to the vet this morning and dropped him off. The vet called me saying that there was definitely blood in his urine and that the x-ray showed that he was severely bloated in his stomach. The vet believed that Tribble must have had some underlying condition (possibly cancer, with his age) that nobody had been able to pick up on that had caused the bloat and the blood in the urine. More than likely, it caused the GI stasis from earlier this month as well. So I went up there and said goodbye, and I've brought him home to bury him in the backyard alongside all his previous cagemates.

    He was an amazing little pig, unlike any other guinea pig I've ever owned. And I just realized, that he would have 6 on the 31st - the day we had planned to go to the rescue. He lived like a king, and I'm very proud that I could give him such a long, happy life. I learned so much from him. And I'm glad he didn't have to be alone for too long after Flower passed.

    I'll no doubt adopt a new pair eventually, but until then, I hope to remain on the forum to learn all I can and offer any advice and help I can give.

    Big thank you to everyone who has helped us!

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    Re: Goodnight, sweet pig... RIP Tribble

    Oh no, [MENTION=33063]LittleSqueakers[/MENTION].

    I am so, so sorry. I really did feel that Tribble was going through a rough patch, but that he would bounce back with a little bit of care, and a little bit of luck.

    I'm sure he's already found Flower at the Rainbow Bridge, and that they've already made some new friends who've shown them where all the best greens are hiding. They're waiting there now for the day you come and get them.

    Rest in peace, Tribble. I am so sorry you've lost him.

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    Re: Goodnight, sweet pig... RIP Tribble

    I'm very sorry about Tribble.

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    Unhappy Re: Goodnight, sweet pig... RIP Tribble

    I'm very sorry for your loss

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    Re: Goodnight, sweet pig... RIP Tribble

    LittleSqueakers I am very sorry that your guinea pig died.

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    Re: Goodnight, sweet pig... RIP Tribble

    Fly free over the Rainbow Bridge, Tribble!



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