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    I wanna make a cage for my guinea pigs out of wood so it looks very nice and not c&c cause its not that much of eye appealing in my rustic home . what wood is safe and how can i make it with a cover. cause we are getting like 3 cats . i was thinking osb as a base cover it with pond liner or something water proof that safe so they cant get to it and on the walls timber wood and plexi glass attached to the side so no pee can get on the wood what is safe wood from home depot? and i wanna put a stand on it so i might buy table legs and just attach it to the cage ahahah i would love the project to be under 200 $ thanks! i already have the cage plan i just need to know what wood whats a safe water proof thingy and how to make the top thanks

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    Video on a wood and plexiglass glass cage and using a pond liner:

    If you need it to be cat proof I would just model it after a rabbit hutch but make sure your main level is meeting size requirements.

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    Here is a cage made from doors which also contains instructions for how it was made a few posts down in the thread:!!!-(pictures)
    That door cage could be customized to suit your space by using a different colour of door (you would just need to see if you can get a sheet of coroplast in a colour to complement the door colour chosen), and using plexiglass as the front instead of grids.

    For wooden cages the main things to consider are whether or not guinea pigs will be able to chew the wood (the best way to prevent chewing is to not have any exposed edges within their reach), and how to prevent urine reaching the wood.

    I'm not sure how your idea to line the sides with plexiglass would work, firstly plexiglass is costly so lining all the sides with it might be too expensive, also there would still be a seam for urine to seep through at the bottom of where you attach the plexiglass. This seepage problem could be avoided if you were to attach the plexiglass all the way to the bottom of the piece of wood(and wrap the base with pond liner) before joining the wood so that the join is actually plexiglass against the pond liner and not the two pieces of wood against each other.



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