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    Need Advice...

    Hi I have 2 guinea pigs Charlotte and Emily and they live outside in their hutch but they have a pen connecting. Emily will happily go out of her hutch and into the pen but Charlotte is a bit shy and hasn't ventured out yet. Should I lift her down into the pen or should I just let her come outside on her own, is just a little step that she had to come down. Also I don't want to scare her. I thought about putting their greens I'm the pen to tempt her but was afraid that Emily would eat it all before she could take the plunge outside. Please could someone advise me. Thanks Lauren xxx

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    Re: Need Advice...

    [MENTION=41450]lauren11[/MENTION], please don't make multiple threads on the same pigs. Keep all information about your pigs on one thread. It makes it much easier for us to follow if we have to look back at something. I'm closing this thread.



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