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    Hello everyone. My name is LaTryce
    I've had my pig for maybe 3 yrs and still trying to learn. After all this time, I'm still scared to pick him up. I touch him everyday and he sniffs my hand, comes to cage when he sees me but when they run when I try to pick him up; I think I get more scared than him. Lol.

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    Feb 06, 2011
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    Re: Newcomer

    Hi LaTryce, welcome to the forum.

    Many pigs do not like being picked up. I've had guinea pigs for years and only a few have allowed me to pick them up right out of the cage. I always coax them into a Magic Muff or small tunnel and carefully lift them out of the cage. You will find that is so much easier than chasing them around the cage to be picked up. That just stresses them out. You will usually find once they are out of the cage they will relax and allow you to pet them and do the necessary things such as weighing them and nail trimming.

    My pigs' behavior is completely different once they are out of their cage. I think every pig is different. I have to honestly say I've never had any pigs that were quite as tame as the pigs of some of the forum members. I'm always amazed by some of the pictures that are posted. People get them to sit in baskets or put them into little costumes for the holidays. My pigs would be so terrified if I tried anything like that. Most of my pigs have been little timid souls.



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