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    I'm new to guinea pigs. I have one girl who is almost 6 weeks old, she weighs approximated 295 grams. I am looking for another girl, preferably youngish.

    Backstory of how I came to have this single girl: I live in Northern Virginia and work at an animal hospital which mostly sees dogs and cats. One of our existing clients bought two guinea pigs from Petsmart who were supposed to both be girls. Unfortunately, one turned out to be a boy and the result was a single baby pig. She brought the baby into our office to get the gender determined by one of our vets. Needless to say, I fell in love with the baby girl. (The owner got the mother spayed so she could keep the two adults together.)

    She gave me a cage (Oxbow 36x18x22) which isn't bad for one small pig but I will be upgrading to a 2x4 C&C cage since I already know I want a second pig. She was feeding Kaytee Fiesta guinea pig food which has lots of colorful junk in it. I'm working on transitioning over to Oxbow Essentials young guinea pig food. She eats lots of timothy hay, again Oxbow brand. We are working on veggies, so far she really likes carrots and kale, only sort of likes red bell peppers. I realize the kale is calcium heavy. I'm planning on trying romaine lettuce and zucchini this next week. I'm open to suggestions on veggies, definitely. I'm using CareFresh bedding right now but interested in fleece for the C&C cage.

    Also in my home, I have two cats. The cage that I was given has horizontal bars that allow the cats to reach their grubby paws inside, so I have zip tied reinforced plastic mesh from the hardware store on all sides. The cats obsessively watch the girl but she seems unperturbed by them. She eats and drinks while they watch. They are not allowed in the room unsupervised.

    I think that just about covers it all!

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    Thanks for taking in the baby!

    Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:!



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