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    Need Advice...

    Hello, I hope someone can help. At the end of last year my guinea pig Lucy passed away. So I got Betty to keep Ethel company and be cage mates. After quarantine, they got along fine and we had a nice happy home for Betty and Ethel. Well, on December 12th, Ethel passed away. Lucy and Ethel (named after the TV show I love Lucy) were both six years old. So now Betty is all by herself so on December 13th I got Wilma. All my pigs have been rescue pigs... When I got Wilma the person I got her from said she might be pregnant. So we had to just wait and see. Well, after again three weeks quarantine I was going to do intros put Wilma was pregnant. So I called the person who had her before and she said to keep her well fed, don't put them together and no picking her up etc... Well, thankfully Wilma had three healthy pups, who are adorable I might add. I did put Betty's cage next to Wilma's cage for all this time.

    Well, now what do I do? Betty is lonely next to her she wants to join the group. The pups are only 6 days old and depending on there sex I plan to keep all the girls of the three. When can I make intros? I really need advice here I am not sure if they can all live together in harmony or what? Any advice on this situation would be appreciated? I am new to this newborn guinea pig thing and when I got the two guinea pigs first off they were together from day one.


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    Re: Need Advice...

    If you'd made the intros when you first got Wilma, they could have just stayed together. Sows often make great aunties, and there's no reason to keep them separated.

    However, trying to put them together when one of them's a new mom and the pups are that young isn't a very good idea. I'd wait until the pups are weaned (you do know to separate the males at 21 days, I hope). Then do proper introductions ( and put them into a very large, thoroughly cleaned cage that smells nothing like any pig.



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