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Thread: Crusty skin above nose?

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    Crusty skin above nose?

    Hello all! I am a new Guinea Pig owner and am just IN LOVE with my new little friend. I noticed today that there was some crusty and red skin above his nose and it made me concerned. I have attached one photo which was the best I got but still not great, hopefully you can zoom in and get an idea of what it looks like. He has been active and totally himself and I havent noticed him scratching or rubbing on it. Any advice would really help, thank you!
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    Re: Crusty skin above nose?

    My first thought is that it's a fungus, but the picture is too small to tell.

    Take a look at this site and see if it looks anything like these pictures:

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    Re: Crusty skin above nose?

    Its for sure not like that, Ill try to get a better picture tomorrow and update the post.
    Thank you

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    Re: Crusty skin above nose?

    Then it's probably fungus, maybe bacterial.

    I'd get some Lotrimin or Nystatin (any brand, any pharmacy), and apply it sparingly twice a day to his nose with a q-tip. Rub it in well so he can't lick it off. Do this for about a week, and watch it carefully. If it doesn't stop spreading in that time, or if it gets worse, then switch to a triple antibiotic cream and apply the same way. If it does stop spreading, continue with the Lotrimin/Nystatin for several days after the hair starts to grow back in -- it can be hard to get rid of a fungus.

    The reason we start with an antifungal drug first is that an antibiotic can sometimes make a fungus worse, but an antifungal won't do that to a bacterial infection. It just won't help. So if you don't see improvement in a week with the antifungal, you switch to an antibiotic cream.

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    Re: Crusty skin above nose?

    I got some better photos of his nose, it seems to be worse even from when I took the first one a few hours ago.
    If it is a fungus infection is this common for guinea pigs? How does it happen? How can I prevent it?
    Also, can I get Lotrimin or Nystatin from like a CVS or Rite Aid?
    Ive also been considering a trip to the vet, and was wondering about how much that would cost me. Not that cost would prevent my from taking my animal, just wanted to feel out approximately what I would be looking at.
    Thank you again for all the help and support.

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    Re: Crusty skin above nose?

    It's very common in guinea pigs. And who knows how he gets it. There are fungi spores everywhere, and sometimes they just take hold.

    You can certainly see a vet, but it's not an emergency, and is well within your capabilities to treat. If it doesn't improve, you could see a vet. Vet costs vary widely across the country, and even within cities, so there's no way for us to know what it would cost. But a vet would probably want to do an expensive, painful skin scraping, and if it were my pig, I'd try to avoid that if at all possible.

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    Re: Crusty skin above nose?

    Hi again, I have been applying the cream to his nose morning and night and have seen more hair loss and spreading of the area. I have also noticed him scratching a bit more around the area than before. I was just hoping for some reassurance that I was doing the right thing with the Lotrimin. It's been really hard applying it to his nose and he fights it a lot which makes me feel really bad for him. And because hes so new to me I dont want him to not like me because of all this. I try to give him a little treat or snack after and make sure to hold him often through the day so he knows when I hold him he doesnt have to always be afraid Ill mess with his nose. Any reassurance or tips/tricks moving forward would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Crusty skin above nose?

    I would suggest continuing the fungal treatment for another two days or so, if it has still continued to spread by that point then change to an anti-bacterial cream.

    I'm not entirely sure that the patch itself has acutally spread, looking at the photos you posted before I can see that the affected area does look roughly the same size now it just has lost the fur that was previously covering the full infected area.

    As for applying the cream it can help to wrap him up in a towel like a burrito with only his face poking out. Then sit down (at a table if you prefer) with the towel bundled guinea pig, secure the bundle between your abdomen and the forearm of your non-dominant hand. Use your non-dominant hand to hold his head, then use your dominant hand to apply the medication.



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