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Thread: New pig has bald patch/sore on hip

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    New pig has bald patch/sore on hip

    I just got my baby Female (Aprox 3mo) from the pet store (Please no hate) and I just discovered after a week of having her a bald patch with what looks like a sore/patch on her left hip bone area. It looks like it?s mostly healed, it?s almost fully healed scabs and she doesn?t seem to scratch at it. I can still pet her side that it?s on and she doesn?t squeal or anything but now that I know it?s there I?ll avoid it.

    Ive never had pigs that fought and now that I have her (she?s an only child, but don?t worry she gets lots of love and is a very happy piggy) I?m wondering if maybe the store had her with an older one or accidental wrong gender and she was picked on.

    my question is should I be concerned or just keep an eye on it? What are some warning signs I should look out for? It?s about the size of a dime.

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    Re: New pig has bald patch/sore on hip

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Heres a picture of it.

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    Re: New pig has bald patch/sore on hip

    Keep an eye on it, and occasionally compare to this picture to see if the hair is growing back in and the lesion is getting smaller. If it's healing, there's no need to do anything to it.

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