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Thread: High pitched squeaking when trying to pick up GP

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    High pitched squeaking when trying to pick up GP

    My one GP has been really difficult to pick up lately she's shying away from me and when I go to pick her up she screeches. It honestly sounds like it hurts her but once she's in my arms she settles down and I can touch her anywhere. I've tried picking her up different ways, bribing her with treats and so on. I was thinking it might be because she's been fighting an URI for two weeks now and doesn't feel good but the antibiotics are finally helping but she's still squeaking when I go to pick her up. It's definitely not a excited noise and I'm worried something's hurting her. She seems fine when I look over her but idk what to do. Is it something to be concerned about or is it just her benign skiddish when picked up?
    Thank you.

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    Re: High pitched squeaking when trying to pick up GP

    Cavies are prey animals and may always run when you go to pick them up.......or not. You are perceived to be this huge "house eagle" who is coming to scoop them up and harm them. They are simply skittish by nature.

    Something that seems to make a big difference is to have the cage off the floor. Put it on a grid stand or table to elevate it. That way you don't seem like this overwhelmingly large creature. I don't know how old your piggy is, but the screeching will abate with time and patient handling.

    It's not as easy as it sounds, but try to make her feel secure when being picked up. Hold her gently but firmly with one hand under her bum and the other under the front legs. As soon as I scoop mine up, I immediately cuddle them on my chest where they feel secure. I have always done this and their place of safety is on my chest. Even as big boys, they will scramble to be there when frightened. If they are both in my lap, they will compete to see who can get to that coveted spot first. One of them will lie crosswise on my chest so as to block the other.....always amusing.



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